Becoming an Aim Star Business Owner

The Company has only one application process, meaning that everyone who applies will receive equal benefits and have the same opportunities to operate their business in accordance with the Company’s guidelines as detailed in the business manual.

To become an authorized Aim Star Business Owner (“ABO”) capable of selling Aim Star Network’s products and sponsoring other ABOs, an applicant must complete and sign the application form. The application form, along with copies of the required documents, must be sent to and accepted by the Company.


Applicant must be 18 years of age or older and able to enter into contracts and work under applicable laws in the country of operation. In the cases where an applicant is not yet 20 years old at the time of applying, applicants must provide proof of consent from parents or guardians as applicable by law by providing copies of 1) a form of identification such as citizen identification card; 2) domicile registration form; 3) written consent from both guardian and applicant.

  1. A spouse or registered domestic partner may apply for membership only under the same ABO code as their spouse or partner (please refer to the “Keywords and Definitions” section for more details).
  2. Applicants must submit to and comply with the Company’s rules, regulations, policies, and StarMatching™compensation Plan guidelines.
  3. The Company reserves the rights to accept or deny any application at its sole and exclusive discretion.
  4. The application fee is 300 THB

Recommendations for Completing the Application Form

  1. To ensure the accuracy of the application, it is recommended that new applicants and sponsors complete the application together.
  2. A sponsor is an ABO who introduced and mentored the applicant to fully become an ABO. Future compensation and bonuses through the StarMatching compensation Plan will be determined based on your sponsor. It is absolutely crucial for your potential earnings that the sponsor’s information is accurate in the application form.
  1. “Upline” in the Aim Star Network refers to those in your network who is a level above you. For example, Evelyn is the sponsor for James, Anna, and Noah. James is a sponsor for Grace. Therefore, the organizational chart for this network is as follows:

    • Evelyn is the sponsor for James and Anna and Noah.
    • Evelyn is the Upline for James (James is in Evelyn’s left branch network).
    • Evelyn is also the Upline for Anna (Anna is in Evelyn’s right branch network).
    • James is the Upline for Noah (Noah is in James’s right branch network).
    • James is also the sponsor and the Upline for Grace (Grace is in James’s left branch network).
  2. Section 6 in the application requires bank account information for the dispensation of future Aim Star bonuses. Your private information will only show on the white copy to be submitted to the Company and on the blue copy for your record. The yellow copy for your sponsor will not show your private banking information.
  3. “Co-Application” refers to couples (married or registered domestic partners) who apply to be ABOs together. One person will be considered as the main applicant while the other will be considered a co-applicant.
  4. Only married couples or registered domestic partners may file a joint application under the same ABO code, as they are legally treated as a single entity. The Company will deny applications submitted wherein the main and co-applicants are not married or registered as domestic partners. The Company reserves the right to accept or deny any application at its sole discretion and in accordance with company rules and regulations.
  5. In the cases where two individuals who are married or registered as domestic partners were approved for two separate ABO codes, the Company will honor only the first ABO code issued and terminate the second ABO code. The second ABO code will be deemed invalid, resulting in the termination of all future compensations and bonuses associated with the invalid ABO code. The second terminated ABO code may be added as a co-applicant to the first valid ABO code.
  6. Marriages or registration of domestic partnerships between two individuals with separate ABO codes must be reported to the Company within 90 days. The ABOs must designate one code as the primary ABO account and the other as the secondary ABO account. Both names may be jointly listed under the primary ABO code. The secondary ABO code retains the ability to receive compensation and bonuses associated with that ABO code but cannot sponsor new ABO applicants.
  7. In the cases where one spouse or registered domestic partner already is an ABO, whether to the knowledge of the other spouse or registered domestic partner or not, the other spouse or registered domestic partner of the ABO code holder may not apply under another ABO code until the existing code of the spouse or registered domestic partner fully expires past the 3 months renewal period.


    James became an ABO on 15 March 2014 with a one year membership which expires on 14 March 2015. Due to the 3 months extension period, James’s ABO does not fully expire until 12 June 2015. James’s wife Judith may apply for a separate ABO code after 12 June 2015. However, if Judith becomes an ABO prior to James’ ABO expiration date of 12 June 2015, the Company reserves the right to immediately terminate Judith’s ABO code upon discovery, regardless of the level of success Judith may have achieved with her ABO code. In order to avoid any potential conflict or resentment between ABOs or between ABOs and the Company, it is very important for sponsors to determine if the spouse or registered domestic partner of a new ABO applicant is or has ever been an ABO.

  8. In the cases where a co-applicant has submitted a request to the Company to formally withdraw their association from an ABO code and the request has been approved by the Company, the co-applicant may apply for an ABO code again in three (3) years after the date the Company approved the withdrawal. The Company reserves the right to determine an applicant’s eligibility and accept or deny any application at its sole and exclusive discretion.
  9. In the cases where co-applicants cannot provide a proof of marriage or domestic partnership, the ABO must complete Aim Star’s “Relationship Endorsement Form” and comply with all rules, regulations, and policies of the Aim Star Network. The Company considers any false, inaccurate, or misrepresented information as a serious breach of the Company’s rules, regulations, and policies which can have a negative impact on Aim Star businesses and can result in immediate termination of the associated ABOs or the immediate withdrawal of a co-applicant from the associated ABO code. Therefore, at least one (1) Diamond Star level ABO must serve as guarantor and witness for the “Relationship Endorsement Form.” The Diamond Star level guarantor(s) and witness(es) will equally bear the responsibility and consequences with the co- applicants for the accuracy of information provided on the “Relationship Endorsement Form.”