How to order

Placing an Order for Aim Star Products

I. Service Counter Order

ABOs can place an order at the Aim Star Headquarters or at any service counter at any Aim Star locations.

  1. Select a Regular Order form or a BEC Order form according to your needs.
  2. Complete the order form, including the product code, product description, quantity of products, and total cost of products.
  3. If using a Credit Voucher as a method of payment, please notify the Service Counter employee prior to placing an order.
  4. Please have ready and present a government-issued identification card when placing an order. If someone other than the ABO is placing an order on behalf of the ABO, he or she must also present a government-issued identification card.
  5. Take a queue number and wait for your queue to be called by the cashier.
  6. Acceptable forms of payments are cash and credit card. The ABO must be the cardholder stated on the credit card to use a credit card. The Company prohibits the use of credit cards on which the ABO using the card is not the cardholder as stated on the card.
  7. Once you have paid, you will receive a receipt for your purchase that also serves as a product distribution queue.
  8. ABOs must present the receipt/pick-up queue at the Distribution Counter to receive the products. ABOs must examine the receipt and products for accuracy such as the total purchase amount, the name of the ABO placing/receiving the order, type of order (Regular Order or BEC Order), types of products and quantity of products PRIOR to departing the Distribution Counter. If any mistakes occurred, please notify the Distribution Counter employees immediately to rectify the mistakes.
  9. Both you and the Distribution Counter employee must sign the payment receipt (retained by the Company for record) and the invoice/tax declaration form to acknowledge the product distribution. Please keep the invoice/tax declaration form for future reference.
  10. ABOs must verify the amount of all accrued business points, including PVs, based each order made on the Aim Star website after placing every order.


Mr. Addison returned one tube of “Profi” toothpaste valued at 180 THB (ABO price) and 60 PV. Mr. Addison will receive a Credit Voucher for 180 THB and 60 PV. For his next order, Mr. Addison purchases one bottle of “Vital Star” Rice Bran and Rice Germ Oil valued at 750 THB and 250 PV. Mr. Addison can redeem the Credit Voucher as a partial form of payment for his new order. Therefore, Mr. Addison must pay the difference from 750 – 180 THB = 570 THB and will receive the difference in PV for 250 – 60 PV = 190 PV. Mr. Addison will pay 570 THB and receive 190 PV for his new order.

Credit Voucher Redemption

The Company will issue a Credit Voucher equal to the purchase price for returned products under our Satisfaction Guarantee Policy. ABOs must present a copy of the payment receipt or a BEC allocation receipt (ABOs are responsible for printing their own BEC allocation receipt) for all returned products. Associated PVs will be deducted accordingly from the ABO’s account for all returned products. All products must be returned to the distribution location (please contact the distribution location for more details). If the products were ordered via phone or online, ABOs can return products to any Aim Star Network locations. Once the Company has issued a Credit Voucher, ABOs can redeem the value of the Credit Voucher for future purchases.

Terms and Conditions for Credit Voucher Redemption

Credit Vouchers can be redeemed for products ordered by the ABO named on the Credit Voucher only. Credit Vouchers cannot be used by any other ABO.

  1. Credit Vouchers can only be redeemed towards products distributed at Aim Star Network locations only and cannot be redeemed towards phone orders or online orders.
  2. Credit Vouchers can only be redeemed for a Regular Order only and cannot be redeemed for BEC orders.
  3. Credit Voucher has no cash value.
  4. Only one Credit Voucher can be used per order.
  5. Credit Vouchers can only be redeemed for items of equal or greater value, including product price and PV.

II. Phone Order

ABOs can order products via phone at 02-726-9030 between 09:00 to 20:00 except on the first day of each month. ABOs must inform the Aim Star phone agent the type of the order (Regular Order or BEC Order) and the method payment following these steps:

  1. ABOs must have the following items ready: i) ABO code; ii) Name of the ABO; iii) Type of order (Regular or BEC); and iv) Type and quantity of products to be ordered prior to calling the Aim Star Phone Order agents.
  2. Please state the ABO code first so the Aim Star agent can begin inputting the Phone Order.
  3. ABOs must choose a distribution preference, whether they wish to pick up the products at an Aim Star Network location or to have the products be shipped directly (please see details regarding the shipping services).
  4. ABOs must choose a method of payment (please see details regarding methods of payment). Once the order has been placed, the agent will verbally verify the order for accuracy and provide a purchase reference number for future reference.
    • Phone orders with no confirmed method of payment by 20:00 the following day will be cancelled.

Picking up a Phone Order in Person

  1. Phone Orders will only be distributed from locations the ABOs requested at the time of the Phone Order.
  2. In the cases where someone other than the ABO will pick up the products, the ABO must provide that individual with a copy of the ABO’s government-issued identification card along with written authorization for that individual to receive the products on behalf of the ABO. The individual must also provide a certified copy of a government-issued identification card.
  3. At the Service Counter, please provide a Phone Order reference number to the Service Counter employee to receive a queue number and proceed to the Cashier.
  4. The Cashier will issue a payment receipt after receiving a full payment. The payment receipt will be used to receive the products from the Distribution Counter.
  5. The products are distributed according to queue numbers at the Distribution Counter.
  6. Upon receiving the products, ABOs must verify the ABO code, name on the order, type of order (General or BEC), types of products, and quantity of products before departing the Distribution Counter. If there are mistakes, please notify the employees immediately so that they can rectify the mistakes.
  7. Please keep the invoice for future reference.
  8. Please verify the accuracy of all business points, including PVs, associated with the order on the Aim Star website after each order.

III. Online Order

Online Orders are available for the convenience of every ABO. Online Orders can save ABOs time and ABOs can personally ensure the accuracy of every order. Simply log in to and follow these steps:

  1. ABOs can place order online via the Aim Star website for themselves or for those in their network (Team or Workline) only.
  2. Log in to with the username and password and select “Online Order” from the menu. The system will show the ABO name and code.
  3. Select “Delivery Method”. There are two methods of delivery:
    1. Direct delivery to the shipping (as indicated on the ABO account information).
    2. Pick-up at a chosen Aim Star Network location. Please indicate the pick-up location of your choice.
    3. Input the ABO code associated with the online order. If the online order is for the ABO personally, please input the ABO code again and press ENTER. If the online order is for the ABO’s network (Team or Workline), please input the ABO code of the person to which the product will be delivered and press ENTER. The system will show the ABO name associated with the online order. Please verify that the name and ABO code for each order are accurate every time before proceeding with the online order.
  4. Select the type of order: REGULAR or BEC.
  5. Input the product code and press ENTER to show the product name, then input the quantity desired.
  6. ABOs can increase the product quantity at anytime throughout the ordering process.
  7. In cases where ABOs wish to place online orders for more than one ABO within the network (Group Order), click “Place Order for Next ABO” and repeat steps 4-7.
  8. Once all orders are complete for all ABO codes, please choose a method of payment “Bangkok Bank Debit Card” or “Other Credit Card”.
  9. If the online order will be picked up at an Aim Star Network location, please select NEXT to proceed.

  1. If the online order will be delivered, the options will be as follow:
    • If there is only one ABO code for the online order, the products will be shipped to the shipping address of that ABO code (as indicated in the ABO account information).
    • For Group Orders, please designate one ABO code for a delivery destination. The ABO must have more than 1000 PV or more to be a delivery destination. Please confirm the ABO delivery designation when prompted. Verify that the shipping address is correct and input the contact phone number for the delivery, then click NEXT.
  1. For online orders that do not meet the minimal PV requirement or exceed the free delivery weight limit (for more details, please see “Shipping Services”), the system will automatically calculate the delivery fee.
  2. Click NEXT to see the online order summary. Verify all order information: ABO name/code, product name, product quantity, and amount due. If any information is incorrect, select
  3. Click BACK to edit or make changes to the online order. Once changes are made, click NEXT.
  4. Click CANCEL to cancel the online order. The system will return to the start page.
  5. Click PAY to proceed to the payment process.
  6. Payment Options:
    • To pay with Bangkok Bank Debit Cards (Bangkok Bank will charge 10 THB per transaction which will be directly deducted from the Bangkok Bank account), ABOs will be directed to Bangkok Bank Online Banking page. Log in to Online Banking with your User ID and password to see a debit summary for the Aim Star online order. If the amount to be debited is correct, click SUBMIT.
    • To pay with a credit card (the Company will charge a 1% transaction fee for credit card payments but may offer occasional promotions to waive the 1% transaction fee), ABOs will be directed to a payment page. Input all the required information correctly and click SUBMIT. ABOs must verify that
  7. Once the payment has been made, the system will show “Online Reference Number.” Please show the Online Reference Number to the Service Counter employee at the chosen Aim Star Network Location to pick up your products.
  8. Certain products cannot be ordered online such as some promotional products or products that are temporarily out of stock (TNA: Temporarily Not Available). TNA products will be shown once a delivery method has been chosen. Once an online order is complete, ABOs can review the order in the “Online Ordering History”.

NOTE: Phone Order and Online Order only available for ABOs registered in Thailand