Product Order and Payment

Please have ready and present a government-issued identification card and your ABO code every time you place a product order with Aim Star Network Co., Ltd.

ABOs must indicate on each order form which type order they are placing: 1) Regular Product Order or 2) Business Exchange Channel Order


  • Regular Product Order

    A product order made by an ABO, under his or her own ABO code. The ABO will receive Point Values (PV) directly into his or her ABO account.

  • Business Express Channel Order

    A product order made by an ABO for the purpose of distributing to his or her network. BEC orders can save time and make a network more efficient.

How to place a business express channel order (BEC):

รายละเอียดในการสั่งซื้อสินค้าแบบ BEC และการแจงยอด BEC

An ABO will receive the point value (PV) of the product sold in each BEC Order but is responsible for the allocation of all products received and the reconciliation of any business points, including the PV, sold through his or her network before the any applicable deadlines. BEC order products must be completely allocated and all business points, including PVs, reconciled by or before the 20th of the following month. For example, a BEC Order made on 10 June 2014 must be cleared by 20 July 2014).

Proper use of the BEC program can help any ABO network become more efficient.

  1. ABOs can place a BEC order at any Aim Star Network location by using a BEC Order Form.
  2. BEC orders are exclusively for products that have Point Values.
  3. Once you have completed your BEC order and received the purchase receipt, please verify that the BEC order you have placed was done properly and accurately. The purchase order receipt should indicate “BEC ORDER” and the last day the BEC order can be allocated and PV reconciled.
  4. With every BEC order placed, ABOs will receive a purchase receipt, tax declaration form, and shipping invoices in the name of the ABO who placed the BEC order. The purchase receipt will indicate “BEC ORDER” as well as the last day the BEC order can be allocated and the PV reconciled. The last day of allocation and reconciliation exclude items under special promotion.
  5. BEC products under special promotion must be allocated and reconciled within the promotional period. For example, if a BEC order was made on 22 October 2013 and has promotional products with a promotional period that ends on 31 October 2013, ABOs must allocate and reconcile the promotional products on or before the end of the promotional period on 31 October 2013. Non-promotional items in the same BEC order must be allocated and reconciled by 20 November 2013 as usual.
  6. ABOs can verify the details of their BEC orders in the BEC menu on the Aim Star website by logging in with their username and password.
  7. ABOs are responsible for reconciling all BEC orders via the Aim Star website. ABOs may not request that Aim Star employees reconcile BEC orders on their behalf.
  8. If an ABO shares his or her account password with others to allow others to access his or her ABO online account, the ABO is responsible for any and all actions taken on the online ABO account by those persons in every way.
  9. ABOs can place BEC orders, allocate products on the BEC orders and reconcile points from the BEC orders within the same BEC cycle, which is indicated on the purchase receipt given with every BEC order.
  10. Products ordered through BEC cannot be returned or exchanged unless the product has been allocated to someone within your network and the PVs reconciled on your account. ABOs can return or exchange products with a proof of allocation and reconciliation with an Aim Star employee under our Satisfaction Guarantee policy.
  11. ABOs can only reconcile BEC orders for those in their network who have a valid ABO code and is not within the ninety (90) day membership renewal period.
  12. ABOs must distribute a BEC reconciliation receipt to those in their network as proof of product allocation and PV reconciliation.
  13. At the end of every BEC cycle, all products that have not been allocated to an ABO’s network will be automatically allocated to the ABO code that placed the BEC order only.
  14. At the end of every promotional period, all promotional products that have not been allocated to an ABO’s network will be automatically allocated to the ABO code that placed the BEC order only.
  15. ABOs can check the PV status for their network within the same day and can check the status of their bonus, travel points, or seminar points within the following day.
  16. Products will be automatically allocated to the ABO code that placed the BEC order for ABO memberships that have lapsed or expired on the expiration date.
  17. ABOs can only allocate products from a BEC order within the same country as the BEC order. For example, BEC orders placed in Thailand can only be allocated to ABOs within Thailand, and not to ABOs in the network outside of Thailand.
  18. The Company reserves the right to change or adjust the terms and conditions of the BEC program at its sole and exclusive discretion.

BEC Product Allocation

รายละเอียดในการสั่งซื้อสินค้าแบบ BEC และการแจงยอด BEC

  1. Log in to the Aim Star website with your username and password.
  2. Select BEC from the Menu Bar.
  3. Input the BEC order number with the products you wish to allocate.
  4. Input the ABO code to which you wish you allocate products.
  5. Click select the product you wish to allocate. The system will show in the first column. Please input the quantity you wish to allocate into the red square
  6. When you have input the correct quantity for the product, click to confirm the allocation.
  7. To allocate additional items, please repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have allocated all items you wish to allocate.
  8. When you have finished all product allocation, click SAVE. The system will prompt you to CONFIRM / EDIT / CANCEL the allocation.
    • By clicking CONFIRM, you will complete the allocation process and you will not be able to make any changes to the allocations.
  9. If you click CONFIRM, the clearing cannot be changed.
    • By clicking EDIT, you will be able to make changes to the allocations you have entered.
  10. If you click EDIT, the clearing detail can be changed.
    • By clicking CANCEL, you will abort all allocations and any changes you have made. You must restart the allocation process again for your BEC order after you have select to CANCEL the allocation.
  11. Once the BEC allocation has been confirmed, select PRINT to show a printable version of the BEC allocation in the Print Preview window.
  12. If a printer is connected, installed and ready, click PRINT to print the BEC allocation.
    • The print option from the Menu Bar is compatible with Windows Internet Explorer 6.0 or above. If your browser if older than Windows Internet Explorer 6.0, the print option may not function properly and you may lose information due to incompatibility.
    • The print option from the Print Preview window is compatible with Windows Internet Explorer 7.0 or above. If your system is operating a version of Internet Explorer older than 6.0, you can update your browser to Internet Explorer 7.0 for free from
  13. Close the preview page after you have printed a copy of the BEC allocation. The system will bring you back to the start page. Click NEW to begin a new BEC allocation and follow steps 3-11 to complete the next BEC allocation.

Important reminders for BEC allocations

  • ONCE YOU CLICK “CONFIRM”, THE BEC ALLOCATION IS FINAL AND CHANGES CANNOT BE MADE. ABOs are responsible for the accuracy of the BEC order, including the names of ABOs and the quantity of products to be allocated to an ABO code before final confirmation. The Company deems all information provided in a confirmed BEC order to be accurate.
  • In the cases where BEC allocations are being made on the last day of the month, ABOs must confirm the BEC allocation before 24:00 or the compensation and PV earnings will assigned to the following month and will not be able to be adjusted to reflect the earnings of the current month. The Company recommends that ABOs avoid inputting BEC allocations near the end of the day on the last day of the month.