Aim Star VIP Client

VIP Client Details and Conditions

  • Apply as VIP Clienthave no fee charge.
  • VIP Client application filled in and attached with copy of ID card or Passport (in case of foreigner).
  • VIP Client or Spouse must not be an AIBO.
  • If detected that VIP Client is already an AIBO, the VIP Client status will be void immediately.
  • VIP Client entity will valid for 1 year. If purchase product not less than 1,000 THB a year, the annual membership will be automatically add up 1 year ahead.
  • The expired VIP Client is ordinary customer.
  • VIP Client could regularpurchase product at member price for his own consumption and not engage in any compensation plan.
  • VIP Client will provide with product satisfaction guarantee as usual.
  • VIP Client could resign by submitted the intention letter together with a copy of ID card to the Company.
  • VIP Client could activated to be an AIBO with the same sponsor if desired by only follow the AIBO registration process as usual.
  • If VIP Client would like to activated as an AIBO under other sponsor, VIP Clientmust resign from the previous sponsor by submitted the intention letter to the Company and waiting until 90 days before registered as an AIBO.
  • In case VIP Client has the sponsor that is expired or terminated before, the VIP Client will be rolled up to under take care by the above sponsorship line.
  • The Company reserved the rights to terminate any VIP Client statusif necessary.