One Code One World

One Code One World - Expanding Your Business Worldwide


Aim Star Network Co., Ltd has expanded our business worldwide with the One Code One World concept. With one code, ABOs can widen the reach of their businesses automatically into any international Aim Star network, 24 hours a day. ABOs must learn and understand the basic rules and regulations governing Aim Star business practices in each country prior to engaging in business in that country. International Aim Star network rules are below:


  1. ABOs who wish to expand their network (Team or Workline) internationally must apply for the addition of a name in English as well as submit a certified copy of the photo page from their passport to the Aim Star Headquarters. The additional name in English and the passport name in English must match.
  2. Applications packages purchased in Thailand cannot be used by applicants in other countries
  3. Rules, regulations, and policies are different for each country. ABOs must fully understand the details of the rules, regulations, and policies for each country prior to engaging in business in that country. Please contact Aim Star representatives in each country for more details.
  4. ABO applicants must follow the rules, regulations, and policies for their own country, according to the Business Manual for their own country. For example, applicants in Japan must have a Work Permit in Japan in order to legally report income earnings and to properly calculate taxes.
  5. Sponsors do not need to apply to add their names in English and can simply add their ABO codes as Sponsors to a new application. Sponsors can check the status of the members in their network (Team or Workline) on the Aim Star website immediately once the information is in the system.
  6. ABOs must purchase products under the local currency and prices. For example, purchases in Japan will use the Japan Yen (JPY), purchases in Cambodia or the United States will use the US Dollars (USD), and purchases in Thailand will use the Thai THB (THB). Receipts and invoices for purchases in each country will be issued in the local language for ease of use that country, including the ABO code, ABO name, and product information. PVs granted for each purchase will be added automatically to the associated ABO account.
  7. The availability of Aim Star products and promotional items may be different in each country, including the educational items and learning materials for ABOs, depending on the suitability for each country.
  8. The PV amount is universal for every item across all countries. PVs are not determined according to the different prices of the product in each country. For example, ABOs who purchase “Vital Star” Rice Bran and Germ Oil in Japan at 3000 JPY will receive the same 250 PV as ABOs who purchase the same item in Thailand or Cambodia at a different price.
  9. The Aim Star business structure is Dual Linear in that there are two (2) Work Lines, the Right Work Line and Left Work Line, that can expand globally. ABOs can have international Teams or Work Lines within one network according to the realities of the sponsorship structure of the network. As a result, ABOs in Thailand can be the Upline for ABOs in Japan, ABOs in Japan can be the Upline for ABOs in the United States, and ABOs in the United States can be the Upline for ABOs in Cambodia.
  10. The StarMatching Compensation Plan is calculated in the same manner in every country, with exception to Thailand. ABOs must apply the International Factor (IF) when calculating applicable bonuses in the local currency for each country. For example, Mr. Thomas’ Weak Team in Cambodia has 100,000 PV and the IF for Cambodia is 0.029. Mr. Thomas’ Weak Team bonus will calculated as 20% x 100,000 PV x 0.029 IF = 580 USD. The Company may adjust or change the IF rate in accordance with international economic trends. The Company will announce any upcoming adjustments or changes at least one month prior to making the adjustments and changes.
  11. Cash rewards granted for achieving Ruby Star Status or higher varies in each country. Please refer to the ABO Business Manual for the local country.
  12. Rewards granted through the Travel the World with Aim Star program varies in each country, depending on the program in each country as determined by the Company.
  13. Aim Star recommends that ABOs focus their international expansion into countries with existing Aim Star subsidiaries. Any attempts by ABOs to expand into countries that Aim Star has yet to have subsidiaries are a needless waste of time and energy.
  14. Aim Star Network Co., Ltd prohibits all ABOs from sponsoring, organizing seminars, encouraging individuals, promoting, advertising, distributing informational materials, or have web presence, or conduct any activity in any manner in the countries that the Company has yet to have subsidiaries.