Aim Star Network Co., Ltd

Company History
  • Founded : 1 November 2005
  • Country : Thailand
  • Registered Capital : initially valued at 20 million THB, increased in 2013 to 300 million THB
  • Type of Business : Aim Star Network Corporation was founded with the purpose of conducting business in high quality consumer products with world-class standards. Aim Star is a Multi-Level Marketing (“MLM”) business. We are committed to excellence in our products and business operations. Aim Star products begin with high-quality ingredients researched and produced under international standards by renowned institutes worldwide.Our innovative website and business applicationshelp makes true success possible.
  • Vision : The Company intends to build an exceptional network marketing organisation and to meet the demands of Aim Star Business Ownerswhile providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. In doing so, both the Company and Business Owners will jointly grow and progress towards our goals, financial success, and personal happiness.
  • Mission :
    1. Health: We promote good health for all
    2. Wealth: We promote successful and sustained earnings for all
    3. Wisdom: We promote growth and development for all
    4. Ethics: We promote harmony and justice for the world
    5. Happiness: We promote the happiness of for all and their families
  • Motto : “Aim Star…Where Happiness Comes True”

Where It All Began

From our very first day of operation, we recognised the beauty of a large network that can bring together people from all over the world and transcend beyond differences in language and currency. One Code One World was borne from the simple formula of high-quality products combined with the opportunity for business success, designed for both those in Thailand and world over.

Breakthrough Moment

On 7 July 2008, Aim Star Network took the primary steps to expand the Company outside of Thailand. One Code One World became available for the first time, within two years of its conception, in Cambodia. On 23 October of that very same year, One Code One World expanded to Tokyo, making our network available in Japanese and the JPY. We were poised and ready for the world!

Aim Star Timeline

Date Event
1 November 2005 Began business operations by offering nutritional supplements
4 December 2005 Official company debut and press conference at the Honorary Consulate of Monaco
26 March 2006 ASNI Skin Care product debut
23 April 2006 BodySoft Personal Careproduct debut
26 August 2006 1st Aim Star Expo
ASNI Color Cosmetic product debut
1st ASNI Guest Model Pageant
14 February 2007 Tidy Home Products debut
7 July 2008 Expanded to Phnom Penh, Cambodia
23 October 2008 Expanded to Tokyo, Japan
Aim Star is the first and only Thai MLM at this time to successfully expand its operations to Japan
29 March 2009 Founded Aim Star Foundation
24 March 2010 1st Aim Star Scholarship presented at Central World in Bangkok, Thailand
4 August 2010 Headquarter Grand Opening on Sukhumvit 59 in Bangkok, Thailand
19 October 2010 Labha Watcharasriroj, Founding President, recognised by the Foundation of Science and Technology Council of Thailand as a “Quality Person of the Year” for 2010.
6 March 2011 Aim Star of Japan moved to Shibuya and expanded its office from 40m² to 260m² in size
2 June 2011 Expanded to the State of California, USA
Aim Star is the first and only Thai MLM at this time to successfully expand its operations to the United States
19 April 2012 ASNI for Men product debut
9 September 2012 Aim Star of Cambodia moved to Phnom Penh Tower and expanded its office to 230m² in size
26 November 2012 Expanded to Vientiane, Laos
16 March 2013 Opened the Savannakhet, Laos branch
24 March 2013 1st Aim Star Expo Cambodia
1st ASNI Man and Women Cambodia Pageant
25 July 2013 Expanded to Yangon, Myanmar
5 October 2013 Opened the Mandalay, Myanmar branch
2 November 2013 Opened the Luang Prabang, Laos branch
9 November 2013 Wazzer Water Filter debut
15 December 2013 Opened the Myitkyina, Myanmar branch
25 January 2014 Opened the Mawlamyine, Myanmar branch
2 April 2014 Expanded to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Aim Star is the first and only Thai MLM at this time to successfully expand its operations to the Malaysia